Friday, July 30, 2010

On July 15th

I got BRACES!!! I was going to tell you earlier but, I have been rather busy lately. I was in SO much pain the first three days!! but I am feeling MUCH better now! It sucks not being able to eat the same things as I used to be able to. Now I have to watch what and how I eat.... its lame!! It was SUPER hard to eat that Tootsie Roll Sucker at work the other day! But I will have them on for 20 months.... which I did the math and I will have them on three months after Elder Von Sowards gets home from his mission. Which will be kinda, really different. I hope he doesn't mind :) but my friends said that she had to have her braces on for 12 months (a year) and she double rubberbanded her braces (just wore two when she needed to wear rubberbands) and she said that sped the process up and it hurt, but it was worth getting them off four months early. Which I agree 100%. So if I double rubberband I am hoping it will take off three months of needing to wear them. It was funny because someone at my work asked me what I would do if I got engaged. I told her I would smile :) haha I hadn't thought of that. Mainly because I wasn't thinking of being engaged anytime soon. Well I have been doing well since then. I sometimes I forget that I have braces on. I think my favorite comment/complement was from Scott at work he said "Whitney-- You look cute with braces, most people look ugly with them on. But not you" All I could say was "uh.... thanks Scott" smile and walk away haha. I thought he was hitting on me at first because he has hit on all the girls at work.

Today was eventful... I guess you could say. I watched the niece and nephew and then somewhat helped my sister pack... they just won't have clothes for a while :D hahaha then I came home and cleaned the front room and the piano room and the kitchen. Then I helped my dad in the back yard until he hurt himself.... then I worked by myself. I forcefully sent my parents out to eat for dinner :D I am a terrible daughter hahaha. Then I weedwacked the whole front lawn... now tomorrow I get to clean up from that mess. But I am excited for tomorrow. My mom doesn't know, but I scheduled her for a message with Sister Fletcher. Whom I hear is AMAZING!!! and then I will get my little session after her :) I am excited. It has been over 6 years since my mom has had a real message by someone that has a license and not from her 18 year old daughter who's thumbs KILL after 5 minutes of messaging her shoulders. Thats why I can't be a Message Therapist.

I was going to go horse back riding tomorrow with Tom and dad tomorrow but I can do that anytime.... Sister Fletcher will be leaving soon so I can't do that just any old time haha.

I am tired and I can't figure out why.... I usually don't go to bed till 4 hours from now. huh. weird. Well I think I will continue to listen to good romantic music and maybe clean my room.... main word was maybe. :D

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